We specialise in the development of sophisticated yet affordable and easy to use vibration analyzers and vibration controllers.

What can we do for you?

Real Vibrations Systems Developers can supply you with powerful yet affordable vibration analysis and simulation systems.  These include vibration controllers, statistical vibration synthesizers, signal analysers and data acquisition systems.  Our products are based on the latest research in vibration analysis techniques.  Our aim is to provide well-designed and practical engineering tools for the evaluation of a broad range of vibration issues.  As well as developing new products, we continue to enhance and refine existing systems to improve ease-of-use and reliability.

What can we do for you?

Who are we?

Real Vibrations Systems Developers was founded by Michael A. Sek and Vincent Rouillard.  Together, we represent some fifty years’ experience in signal analysis, signal synthesis and control and software development.  We are committed to produce systems that are intuitive to use yet powerful enough to solve real-life vibration issues. Our principal strength is that we use a high-level programming platform and world-class off-the-shelf hardware modules to create our systems.  This enables us to implement enhancements (often at the request of our customers) very swiftly.


Why Real Vibrations?

As experienced users of signal analysis and vibration control equipment and software, we are fully aware of researchers’ and engineers’ needs.  Our deep knowledge of signal analysis techniques  coupled with high-level programming skills puts us in a prime position to conceptualize, design, produce and test new software in a very short time.  This also means that we can implement your ideas and suggestions promptly.  Moreover, because we use off-the-shelf, quality hardware from reputable suppliers, we can afford to focus on software development to produce very reliable systems.

Why Real Vibrations?


Vibration testing of products

It is widely recognized that the intensity of vibrations produced by vehicles is not constant due to variations in road roughness and vehicle speed. This nonstationary effect cannot be properly simulated with ordinary random vibration controllers (RVCs) and this often results in unrealistic vibration tests and results. Following years of research we have developed the Statistical Vibration Synthesizer (SVS) to offer a practical solution for product testing.

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Signal acquisition and analysis

Our signal acquisition and analysis system (under development) offers real-time analysis as well record now - analyze later capabilities. It is compatible with a vast range of data acquisition hardware modules such as National Instruments, Data Translation and Measurement Computing for triggered and gap-free capture. Analysis options include constant bandwidth (FFT), Octave band, and nonstationary analysis (rms, skewness, kurtosis time histories and histograms, PDF (3D) and spectrograms).

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