We specialise in the development of sophisticated yet affordable and easy-to-use vibration controllers and analyzers.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvementAt Real Vibrations Systems Developers, we continue to improve our powerful yet affordable vibration controllers and signal analyzers.  We have recently released a Transient Replicator and a Vibration Signal Replicator and were finalizing the release of our own Kurtosis Controller.   We are continually refining our software to improve ease-of-use and reliability.  Recent enhancements include:  Automated test sequencing, enhanced sine and swept-sine control and quick-and-easy random vibration test set-up.  Our aim is to provide well-designed and practical engineering tools for the evaluation of a broad range of vibration issues.

Who are we?

Real Vibrations Systems Developers was founded by Michael A. Sek and Vincent Rouillard.  Together, we represent some sixty years’ experience in signal analysis, signal synthesis and control and software development.  We are committed to produce systems that are intuitive to use yet powerful enough to solve real-life vibration and signal analysis issues. Our principal strength is that we use a high-level programming platform and world-class off-the-shelf hardware modules to create our systems.  This enables us to implement enhancements (often at the request of our customers) very swiftly.


Why Real Vibrations?

As experienced users of signal analysis and vibration control equipment and software, we are fully aware of researchers’ and engineers’ needs.  Our deep knowledge of signal analysis techniques  coupled with high-level programming skills puts us in a prime position to conceptualize, design, produce and test new software in a very short time.  This also means that we can implement your ideas and suggestions promptly.  Moreover, because we use off-the-shelf, quality hardware from reputable suppliers, we can afford to focus on software development to produce very reliable systems.

Partnership with Safe Load

Real Vibration has established a strategic partnership with Safe Load Testing Technologies. Safe Load design and manufacture innovative solutions to optimize the product + packaging system throughout the distribution cycle.  In addition, Safe Load will take responsibility for distributing and supporting Real Vibrations products.  We have recently delivered new controller modules for Transient/shock replication, Field Data (vibration) replication and an improved version of our sine and swept-sine controller.  These follow the delivery of our updated three-axis (Heave, Pitch and Roll) controller that are now in operation at ITENE (Spain), DuoPlast (Germany), Newton (Malaysia) and Orora Research and Technology (Australia).


Upgrade your vibration controller and future proof your shaker

Our vibration shaker controllers are sophisticated yet disarmingly simple to use. They can be used for a wide range of applications that involve single or multi-axis testing such as transport simulation, road simulation, seismic motion and stress testing. Our controllers can be used with new vibration test systems or easily retro-fitted to existing systems. They are capable of producing random vibrations, sine and swept sine vibrations, replication of complex transients waveforms as well as long-duration vibration signals.

Software for laboratory experiments and field measurement

Our range of signal acquisition and analysis systems are equally ideal for the experienced engineer and the student. All of our systems offer real-time analysis as well record now - analyze later capabilities. They are compatible with a vast range of data acquisition hardware modules such as National Instruments, Data Translation and Measurement Computing. Specialist applications are aimed at: Multi-channel continuous data capture; Multi-channel real-time signal analysers; Dual-channel spectrum analysers for modal testing; Cushion analyser for evaluation protective packaging systems; Impact analyser for shock absorption and crash testing; Multi-axis seismic motion analyser; Field data analyser for characterising transport vibrations.