Knowledge Centre

Single axis Vibration Shaker Controller: VSD1D

Multi-axis Vibration Shaker Controller (Heave Pitch and Roll): VSCnD

Field Data Analyser: FDA

Sine and swept-sine controller: SSC

Transient Replicator: TR

Field Data (vibration) Replicator: FDR

Shock-on-Random module: SoR

Sine-on-Random: SnoR

Swept-Sine-on-Random: S-SoR

Seismic Motion Controller:  SMC

Seismic Motion Analyser: SMA

Dual Channel Analyser – Impact Excitation: DCAi

Nonstationary vibration synthesis from measured field data: Demo

Nonstationary vibration synthesis using a generic target PSD & artificial RMS distribution function: Demo

Below are links (PDF downloads) to short notes and articles pertaining to our products.

Shaker system characteristics and performance

Random Vibration Control

Nonstationary Random Vibration Control

Non-stationary random vibration simulation – Background Information